Overnight Oats – Individual Size Servings…

I know I’ve posted this one before, but this is a little bit of a different take on it. How many of you do not eat breakfast because you don’t think you have time in the morning? Well, that can all change with this wonderfully easy breakfast option.  There are so many endless possibilities of flavorful ingredients and different creative combinations that you will never get tired of this.  And on top of that, you can prepare it all the night before in under five minutes.  Top it all off with a little fresh fruit of choice and you will be happy for the rest of the morning.  There are two options to prepare: 1) mix everything you want in a bowl, and then fill each jar or 2) just add each ingredient to all of the jars you are going to use and build it as you go. The great thing about preparing it in these little jars, is that it is the perfect serving size, and can easily be taken and eaten on the go or at work. Go ahead and be creative with what you put in here, but if you need some ideas to get going, check out this previous post.  As always, eat well and be merry.

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