Photo Credit: John Rieger

Photo Credit: John Rieger

Get an edge on the competition…

The game continues to evolve and get faster and faster.  To the untrained eye it is very difficult to see all of the tiny goalkeeping details.   The naked eye may not recognize the smallest flaws, which could possibly be the difference between a goal and a top class save.  To achieve repeated success, goalkeepers must recognize and understand what they have done that has either made them successful or unsuccessful. At this time I am offering a video analysis assessment to assist goalkeepers in gaining a competitive edge. This knowledge will not only be beneficial in breaking down the game, but with knowledge comes confidence and the ability to focus on the essentials at training.



Record yourself playing in goal. Be sure to include as many goalkeeper techniques as possible, from several different angles,  including both game and training footage. Compile your highlights into a 10-15 minute video and upon completion of your purchase, you will be able to reply to your email receipt to send the initial file or a link to the file (depending on file size).  If you purchase a package with more than one assessment, then you will send future videos to me the same way within the time frame.  Please remember, the better the quality is of your video and video content, the more informative my assessment can be.


After receiving your footage I will carefully watch through and breakdown the video to create an in depth report analyzing your technique.  I will be looking at set shape, decision making, movement,  and do an overall assessment of your performance.  The report will include screenshots that specifically highlight strengths and areas that need some work.  My goal is to help you achieve an awareness of where you are now and help you achieve a higher level of success and confidence.




  • 1 time video analysis
  • 1 written evaluation




  • 1 time video analysis
  • 1 30-minute personal video breakdown session with me (client responsible for transportation)




  • 3 time video analysis over the course of 1 year, so you can see and track your progress
  • 1 written evaluation following each video analysis (3 total)




  • 5 time video analysis over the course of 1 year, so you can see and track your progress
  • 1 written evaluation following each video analysis (5 total)
  • 1 training session targeting the areas that I pointed out in your written analysis (client responsible for transportation).